The Queens & Kings Challenge

Leadership Development | Diagnosing Personal Strengths | Strengthening Interfaces and Collaborations

  • img Participants5 - 100
  • img LocationIndoor & Outdoor
  • img Activity length2 Hours

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    The Queens & Kings Challenge - Who is a leader?

    Leadership Development | Diagnosing Personal Strengths | Strengthening Interfaces and Collaborations


    In today’s era, where information is available and accessible almost everywhere  and the amount of possibilities and stimuli is abundant, it is crucial that we invest and develop our Power skills, our interpersonal leadership capabilities, our ability to connect and create interfaces and ensure mutual responsibility and success. In fact, in order to develop our sensors outward, it is essential that we begin a process of looking inward. Because, the more we become aware and recognize our personal style, the way in which we choose to act and manage ourselves in the world, we will be able to use our personal strengths in order to motivate and connect people and promote strategic goals.

    How is this going to work?

    We will begin breaking the ice with an introduction game that will help us connect and get acquainted. This will be followed by identifying and mapping our personal style and the way in which we make decisions.

    After establishing our personal profile we will demonstrate the various styles with their various strengths and their significance in our daily routine.

    We will conclude by cleverly dividing the different styles in the room and hold a festive and dynamic speed date session during which we will present our success stories and upcoming challenges to our colleagues. This session will help us find ways to collaborate and move projects and initiatives forward within the various work environments.


    More Details
    • img Duration: 1.5-2 hours
    • img Recommended Number of Participants: 10-40

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      סוגרים דייט

      נקבע תאריך ושעה (ביום האירוע נגיע 45 דקות לפני תחילתו)

      מכינים את השטח

      ביום האירוע נפרוס את הערכות על גבי השולחנות ונכין את הקרקע לקראת הפעילות

      GAME ON

      מתחלקים לקבוצות של 7-9 אנשים

      סיכום קצר

      בתום המשחק נסכם את הפעילות ונכריז על מנצחים

      נפרדים (באופן זמני)

      כמו כל דבר טוב, גם זה חייב להיגמר, אבל רק עד לפעם הבאה

      Let's work together!

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