Nonviolent Communication Simulations| Effective Communication | Building Trust

  • img Participants5 - 25
  • img LocationIndoors
  • img Activity length3 hours-full day

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    Nonviolent Communication Simulations| Effective Communication | Building Trust

    The Concept

    In an age of fast-paced technologies and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic we are eagerly seeking to regain those core elements that define a tribe or community. In fact, the pandemic has showed us how important it is to build and grow relationships, have genuine conversations with our partners, colleagues and any other people surrounding us. We are after all social creatures (Aristo). So is this innate or learned?

    We strongly believe that anyone and everyone can learn how to develop this ‘muscle’! It all begins with understanding the importance of building a good conversation in addition to figuring out the other side’s intentions while trying to put oneself into the other’s shoes. Learning from these situations will improve our ability to continue and grow together.

    How is this going to work?

    The workshop is based on a simulation game of true events and situations

    We will focus on interpersonal communication abilities using individual exercises, precise simulation analysis and elements from the theatre and acting world in order to experience real life situation that correspond with the business world and team behavior.

    The workshop uses tools and elements from the theatre and acting world together with advanced theories from the world of psychology hence enabling maximum utilization of the individual’s soft skill abilities.

    Core themes: Effective communication – in front of executives and among team members, sales pitch, objection handling, presentations, complex conversations, changing habits etc.

    To summarize, through our format of interactive acting on stage, the participants learn to aim for improving their quality of life, wellbeing and empowerment on both the professional level as well as on the personal level. Our format will encourage giving up ineffective patterns alongside embracing new constructive and positive ways of communication.


    More Details
    • img Duration: 3.5-5 hours
    • img Recommended Number of Participants: 5-25

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      סוגרים דייט

      נקבע תאריך ושעה (ביום האירוע נגיע 45 דקות לפני תחילתו)

      מכינים את השטח

      ביום האירוע נפרוס את הערכות על גבי השולחנות ונכין את הקרקע לקראת הפעילות

      GAME ON

      מתחלקים לקבוצות של 7-9 אנשים

      סיכום קצר

      בתום המשחק נסכם את הפעילות ונכריז על מנצחים

      נפרדים (באופן זמני)

      כמו כל דבר טוב, גם זה חייב להיגמר, אבל רק עד לפעם הבאה

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