Team Building Challenge| Navigation between Task and Riddle Stations| Connecting and Getting to Know Each Other

  • img Participants15 - 250
  • img LocationIndoor & Outdoor
  • img Activity length1.5 hours

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    QR Race - Treasure Hunt

    Team Building Challenge| Navigation between Task and Riddle Stations| Connecting and Getting to Know Each Other


    If you are looking to combine an interactive team building activity with getting acquainted and connected to new environments (i.e. new offices, reassigning to different departments and divisions in the organization, changing campus, getting used to a wide open green space) this is the perfect activity for you.

    This is a smart and challenging task race full of adrenalin. The teams receive a special map with marked stations. The teams run between the stations while solving smart riddles based on QR scanning codes and enjoy a unique and exceptional journey.

    Every riddle in addition to being unique and complex will also award the team with points.

    The riddles cope with the following challenges: Problem solving, visual perception, concentration, logical thinking, cognitive flexibility, creativity etc. The team that achieves the highest score of points within the time limit wins!

    How is this going to work?

    Prior to the activity we will receive a briefing and map characterization regarding the physical environment in which the activity will take place. Quala will gamify the map by burying treasures in various locations (These will be task or riddle stations).

    On the day of the activity, the treasures, which are QR scanning codes, will be planted in each station (The QR scanning code can be scanned from every mobile device without having to download an app).

    Upon scanning the code, a riddle or task will appear on the participant’s mobile screen.

    The screen will include images, video movies, Google Maps and even access to assets and websites related to the customer.

    The task screen, on the other hand, will make the team perform entertaining activities such as uploading posts to social media, creating video movies, taking fun photos and even conducting short goal-focused discussions.

    Every group will receive one map and the transition between the stations will be carried out in any order the group wishes (i.e. scoring system rather than hierarchical system). After collecting the treasures, passing through all the stations that appear on the map and reaching the finish line the team will receive a prize based on performance.

    It is possible to customize content using specific riddles relating to the company, its assets, vision or values so that the participants will not only have a great time but also enjoy a valuable dynamic journey together.


    More Details
    • img The activity can take place in either closed buildings or open spaces even wearing flip flops.
    • img Duration: up to 2.5 hours
    • img There is no restriction on the number of participants.
    • img Each team will have 3-8 members
    • img No equipment required except for at least one mobile phone per team

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      סוגרים דייט

      נקבע תאריך ושעה (ביום האירוע נגיע 45 דקות לפני תחילתו)

      מכינים את השטח

      ביום האירוע נפרוס את הערכות על גבי השולחנות ונכין את הקרקע לקראת הפעילות

      GAME ON

      מתחלקים לקבוצות של 7-9 אנשים

      סיכום קצר

      בתום המשחק נסכם את הפעילות ונכריז על מנצחים

      נפרדים (באופן זמני)

      כמו כל דבר טוב, גם זה חייב להיגמר, אבל רק עד לפעם הבאה

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