Developing and Reinforcing Work Interfaces | Leadership and Strategic Thinking | The Art of Persuasion

  • img Participants12-30
  • img LocationIndoor & Outdoor
  • img Activity length2-4 Hours

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    ConnecTeam - The Challenge of Strategy and Partnership

    Developing and Reinforcing Work Interfaces | Leadership and Strategic Thinking | The Art of Persuasion


    What would we consider to be the most valuable resource to us? Is it time? Is it the people and team members that surround us? Does it lie in our ability to promote significant ideas, concepts and goals within the various arenas of our life? We are more and more frequently seeing the shift from individualistic capitalist mindset towards an inward thinking mindset that enables strengthening our closest nearby communities. This insight and desire to invest our time effectively has a great significance in identifying those partners that are willing to share mutual goals.

    How is this going to work?

    We will divide the activity into two phases:

    Phase 1 – we will begin the day with an easy going introductory game called ‘Blender’ and continue with the Safe Zone challenge, an extraordinary activity based on an  innovative and experiential format that combines gamification elements for enhancing team building. These elements which are taken from the world of escape rooms encourage the participants to use creative group thinking in order to solve problems.

    We will continue with ‘Process Time’ and analyze the activity with practical tools and focus on building effective teams, strengthening work interfaces, building trust and bonds between the various groups.

    In phase 2 we will leap to the Business Playground activity – a strategic game that focuses on interfaces and uses elements from the debate world. This game will concentrate on managing various agendas and encouraging partnerships through a deeper understanding of the potential partner and our shared views.

    We will conclude the activity with key takeaways.


    More Details
    • img Duration: 2.5-4 hours
    • img Recommended Number of Participants: 12-30

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      סוגרים דייט

      נקבע תאריך ושעה (ביום האירוע נגיע 45 דקות לפני תחילתו)

      מכינים את השטח

      ביום האירוע נפרוס את הערכות על גבי השולחנות ונכין את הקרקע לקראת הפעילות

      GAME ON

      מתחלקים לקבוצות של 7-9 אנשים

      סיכום קצר

      בתום המשחק נסכם את הפעילות ונכריז על מנצחים

      נפרדים (באופן זמני)

      כמו כל דבר טוב, גם זה חייב להיגמר, אבל רק עד לפעם הבאה

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