The Black Box

Lessons Learned | Effective Feedback | Learning and Improving Performance

  • img Participants5 - 40
  • img LocationIndoors
  • img Activity length3.5 hours - full day

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    The Black Box

    Lessons Learned | Effective Feedback | Learning and Improving Performance

    The concept

    What is the problem with problems? And why do we tend to repeat the same mistakes?
    Do we know how to define the problems and challenges that we encounter before trying to solve them?
    And why is the ability to stop for a moment and observe our actions considered half way to the solution?
    Research derived from the world of psychology has proven that in order to implement lessons learned and significant themes we must learn in an experiential way through hands on activities and thoughts. We need to share our memories and information processing with our body and senses.

    Just as our body remembers how to ride the bicycle although years have passed since we last got on one.
    In our unique activity, the participants will play an active and significant role. They will be involved in every step of the way as they make progress and determined to crack the challenge and win. The second part of the workshop will focus on providing feedback and reaching conclusions based on the dynamics and role playing created within the team.

    How is this going to work?

    Prior to the activity we will engage in a brief preparatory discussion. The Quala team of experts together with your organization leaders / managers will conduct an open conversation about the organization’s background, the ideas and core themes that you wish to emphasize throughout the activity.

    On the day of the workshop we will get straight to business! We will divide into groups and begin the activity in the mobile or virtual escape rooms ( according to your choice)/ Together we will switch off from our well known reality and step into a new world full of riddles and tasks that will tease your brain and arouse your creativity and adrenalin. This will be a secure space for a great adventure that will also allow mistakes and a variety of experiences.

    Naturally throughout the activity many surprising dilemmas, questions and challenges will surface. During the activity, our team of experts will observe from the sidelines and write down their observations; main patterns of activity and empowering examples.
    At the end of the game the winning team will be announced and we will move on to the next workshop “Process time” where we share our observations and insights. We will conduct an open discussion during which we will provide feedback and effective lessons learned and point out main patterns that surfaced during the activity.
    By applying company values and vision we will put together the results of this experience and compose a broad team and organizational picture.


    More Details
    • img Duration: 3.5-8 hours
    • img Recommended Number of Participants: 5-35

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      Setting up our date

      A date and time are set (on the day of the event we will arrive 45 minutes before it starts)


      Before the activity, we will hold a preparatory conversation and coordinate together with you the values and messages you want to convey to your employees during the activity

      GAME ON

      Divided into groups of 7-9 players we will begin playing our mobile escape kits

      Summary lecture

      At the end of the game, we will summarize the activity with an immersive and enriching lecture on learning lessons, providing effective feedback, learning and improving performance in the organization

      Sweet farewell

      By the end of the activity, we will summarize it with meaningful lessons learned

      Let's work together!

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