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Team Building and Employee Empowerment | Employee Connection | Team Work

  • img Participants10-250
  • img LocationIndoor & Outdoor
  • img Activity length1-1.5 Hours

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    Play and Take Away – Experiential Team Challenge

    Team Building and Employee Empowerment | Employee Connection | Team Work

    *This workshop can take place physically in the office or virtually with a laptop

    Mobile escape rooms in your office!

    Mobile escape rooms are part of an extraordinary and unique activity suitable for team days, executive days, conferences etc.

    We developed a smart unique and mysterious group challenge based on the concept of the familiar and successful escape rooms. The challenge is made up of a series of tasks and riddles which require cooperation, out of the box thinking and creativity. The participants will watch a suspenseful video movie that will provide the background and set the mood.

    From that point we will send the participants on a wild team challenge that incorporates solving challenges, riddles and tasks using a variety of objects such as interactive wooden boxes, electronic devices, chains and so forth. The group activity requires team work, open minded thinking, creativity and most of having lots of fun.

    Towards the end of the activity we can include our flagship activity ‘Process time’ as a concluding joint learning session. This activity includes reflecting on the group activity and sharing insights while spotlighting and empowering participants individually based on group experience.

    This is a unique activity that encourages adaptation to group members by providing practical tools for enhancing personal team and organizational performance.

    Virtual escape rooms – team building activity from the laptop

    A virtual reality escape room concept activity, made in Israel – A virtual game of riddles based on challenges and riddles from the escape room concept, perfect for company events that are conducted remotely. Each employee will play from his/her house or work place; the employees will be divided into virtual groups of 4-6 players and compete for the desired title. In order to win the game and acclaim the title of the first group to crack the challenge the players will have to demonstrate innovative and creative thinking.

    In order to participate, the participants will receive a link and password to the challenge page. The challenge activity was developed and planned by gamification experts and group leaders.


    More Details
    Mobile Activity
    • img Duration: 1.5-2.5 hours
    • img Recommended Number of Participants: 5-70
    Virtual Activity:
    • img Duration: 1.5 hours
    • img Recommended number of participants: 5-5000 (there is no restriction on the number of participants and/or groups)

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      סוגרים דייט

      נקבע תאריך ושעה (ביום האירוע נגיע 45 דקות לפני תחילתו)

      מכינים את השטח

      ביום האירוע נפרוס את הערכות על גבי השולחנות ונכין את הקרקע לקראת הפעילות

      GAME ON

      מתחלקים לקבוצות של 7-9 אנשים

      סיכום קצר

      בתום המשחק נסכם את הפעילות ונכריז על מנצחים

      נפרדים (באופן זמני)

      כמו כל דבר טוב, גם זה חייב להיגמר, אבל רק עד לפעם הבאה

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